In Greek, the word "Orchesis" means "the art of movement."

Orchesis is a Corona Del Mar High School (CDMHS) tradition. Originally founded as a club in 1962, the Orchesis Dance Company is one of CDMHS’s longest-standing student organizations. Orchesis continues to maintain the group’s founding principles of honor, integrity, discipline and high-standards of excellence while legitimizing itself as a world-class high school dance company.


The Orchesis Dance Company is currently under the direction of Shawni Jackson who is an alumni to both CDMHS and Orchesis.

Orchesis Dance Company Foundation

Orchesis Dance Company Foundation was founded in 2018 by Carolyn Shaw, Jackie Foigelman and Bonaparte Liu. The Orchesis Dance Company cares deeply about inspiring dance for high school students and making sure that dance at CDMHS remains strong. The annual show the Orchesis Dance Company produces for the community shares their passion for dance and desire to inspire dance in the school and in the community.

Mission Statement:

Orchesis Dance Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit high school dance organization dedicated to providing quality and professional dance instruction and instill an appreciation for the art of dance in a safe studio environment at Corona Del Mar High School.  Our mission is to provide dance education in the classroom, the school and the community.

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100% of your donations will support CDMHS Orchesis Dance Co.